Meet the team...

Gizelle Thorpe


“In 2009 I travelled to Ghana as a volunteer and returned home six months later wanting to devote more time and effort to helping children in need. Orphans of Ghana is my way of thanking the children who I lived with for giving me perspective and grounding. The trustees on my team are carefully selected for their kind, generous, and loyal nature which they continue to show for the children through their work.I try to travel back to the orphanage every other year so that I can be as hands on as possible. I have a great relationship with the care givers which is based on trust and respect. This is something I absolutely pride myself on – I know what every single donation contributes towards.
On a personal note, I am mother to two energetic boys; I own the luxury accessories brand, ‘Gizelle Renee’ and am the founder of the award winning ‘sock-belts’ (that keep baby’s socks upright and in place). I also have a wonderful part time job as the Central Operations Director in the city for a global company.
Life is busy but my philosophy is simple – be the best person that you can be and always check in with yourself. Always feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "



Sara Sophia

Operations Manager

“I first visited the Royal Seed Home in 2009. I was immediately drawn into the education program, and took over the role of a primary teacher. My responsibilities included: teaching 8-13 year olds all curriculums, tutoring, and assisting with daily activities at the orphanage. I couldn’t believe how much growth the home and orphanage required. The spirit from volunteers and the children was there, but the monetary and plans were not. The short-term visit was valuable, but left me wanting more.
While traveling Europe in the summer of 2012, I reconnected with Gizelle. I was so inspired by her ability to run and manage the charity. It was only natural for me to join the team.
Since 2012, I have been actively managing the events and operations for Orphans of Ghana. Aside from volunteering with Orphans of Ghana, I am an Account Executive at a software company in Boston, Massachusetts.
Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to learn more about my story or how you can help! ”



Laura Gomez

Marketing and Social Network Trustee

“I joined Orphans of Ghana in October 2013. When I met Gizelle for the first time and heard of the charity´s history, I knew I wanted to be part of it and apply my best efforts.  I studied Media in my home town, Valencia, Spain before moving to London in July 2011 to accept an internship at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Since then, I have been studying English to advance my career in Marketing. Currently, I work as a Communications executive in the City.   Currently, I manage our multiple Social Media networks, PR, marketing and distribution materials. This allows me to do what I really love, while helping others at the same time!”





Tracey Chidi

Account Manager Trustee

TraceyChidi“In the beginning of 2015, I joined Orphans of Ghana as the Fundraising Account Manager Trustee. Listening Gizelle explain the history of how this organisation came about, the assistance they have provided to the orphans so far, as well as the future plans envisioned for the charity, as a mother myself, I was touched and also excited to come on board and volunteer my expertise.  I am a mother to a handsome baby boy and is a full-time accountant by profession, backed by years of experience. In addition to my accountancy qualifications, I am also professionally qualified in Project Management.” 






Rebecca Rose Smith

Events and Project Co-ordinator Trustee

“My motivation to get involved with Orphans of Ghana was heightened once I met with Gizelle and heard her account of the plight suffered by the children of Ghana, which she has witnessed first-hand. Being a trustee of a small charity with such a worthwhile cause means the help we provide makes a real, measurable difference. To have a chance to directly impact the orphanage in a huge way is an amazing opportunity that I take on with pride.
Beyond my role as the Events and Project Coordinator Trustee, I currently work within event management in North London. I have varied experience working within a range of events, from music festivals to private parties. Please feel free to get in touch at any time with any questions about the work we do."

Ben Magnus

Public Relations and Social Strategy Trustee

"My interest in charity work began in Primary School when I organised a simple charity toy sale. Since then, I have been involved in raising money for a range of charities. A three week trip to Morocco as part of a World Challenge tour helped me to understand the challenges that underprivileged areas face on a daily basis. Ever since seeing that, I've been waiting for the right opportunity to get involved with a project that helps to support and enable people to succeed. I heard about Orphans of Ghana and immediately wanted to get involved.
In my role as PR and Social Strategy Trustee, I am responsible for looking at how we can reach out to the public to share great work that the charity is undertaking. As a Consumer Behaviour and Marketing graduate from the University of Reading, I have built up experience working in technology firms, both start-ups and global corporations. I am currently part of the Innovation team at Somo Global, responsible for managing our Research & Development programme and delivering hack days. I'm happy to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter."


Leata-Mae Freeman

Social Media, Brand Awareness and Networking Trustee

image"After previous experience working with disabled and vulnerable children, I have been looking for other ways that I can reach out and help those less fortunate. As soon as I met with Gizelle and heard her story I knew Orphans Of Ghana was a family I wanted to be apart of. Seeing the progress in the children's lives with this charity's help is something so incredible and I know we can do so much more with your help.
I currently look after our Twitter account and brand partnerships, to help generate awareness of this amazing charity and the cause we stand for.
Aside from Orphans of Ghana, I work in Brand Marketing within the Fashion industry. Feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn with any questions about how you can help."